Following the outbreak of full-on war in Ukraine on February 24th, 2022, I have directed a lot of efforts to helping the people of Ukraine. 
The Dystopian Defender Equipment set is gifted to anyone who would purchase one of the NFTs on sale in my shop, while all of the proceeds from those sales were and will be donated to various charities supporting the fight of Ukrainian people. It is incomprehensible that this kind of war could happen in the middle of Europe in 2022, but we have to stay strong and fight off the aggressor.
– 2022
Inspired by traditional Ukrainian patterns with a dystopian twist, this set looks quite neutral. One of my concerns when creating it was potential misuse of the assets in The Sandbox metaverse, so none of the Ukrainian patterns or flag elements were used directly to avoid foul play. 
The QR Code Shield reads "Glory to Ukraine!". Find the whole set here. Kindly note that to get the full set, you need to purchase one of the NFTs on sale — the set itself will never be sold by me.
An art piece created for a charity auction in collaboration with Zeilen van Vrijheid — a wonderful foundation ran by Ukrainian people living in Western Europe who get ambulances & more into Ukraine.
The art piece is featuring one of the most commonly used ambulances that are being sent to Ukraine, while also referencing the main themes of Ukrainian flag: sky blue and wheat fields. Ukrainian grain feeds most of the world, and because of Russian aggression, 2022's crops are in danger.

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