A collection of digital inktober voxel works that connects the official prompt list with horror movies
Day 1: Ring. Movie: The Ring
Day 2: Mindless. Movie: Shaun of The Dead
Day 3: Bait. Movie: All I See Is You
Day 4: Freeze. Movie: The Shining
Day 5: Build. Movie: Cube³: Hypercube
Day 6: Husky. Movie: A Quiet Place
Day 7: Enchanted. Movie: Oculus
 Day 8: Frail. Movie: Glass
Day 9: Swing. Movie: Zombieland
Day 10: Pattern. Movie: The Skeleton Key
Day 11: Snow. Movie: Død Snø
Day 12: Dragon. Movie: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Day 13: Ash. Movie: Silent Hill

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