In 2021, I had the honour to become the official Snoop Dogg voxel artist, working on some voxel assets & an avatar collection.
After Cell X, the team I lead at The Sandbox, have created a few Snoop Dogg designs, made by KiwiAndCoffee, Carina Chen, and Benji, I have had the privilege to develop them further into a 10k collection of unique Snoop Dogg Avatars, playable in The Sandbox.
The collection sold out in less than 5 minutes, generating around $8 million in primary and secondary sales before the reveal!
– 2022
1/1 models for this collection were split into 3 types: web3 inspired unique avatars, art collaborations, and avatars inspired by Snoop's music & film career. Here are some of the selected ones:
Trippy 1/1
The Walking Dead 1/1
Rumble Kong League 1/1
Gucci 1/1
Jadu 1/1
The Perfect Matches
Superbowl 2022 Snoop (not part of the collection!)
Exclusive Snoop Dogg Equipments: a bulletproof vest and a blunt, that make your metaverse experience even better! Snoop's tweet about it.
My art, along with the art of Cell X, was used in the Snoop Dogg - House I Built (Official Music Video) created by the most talented Thibault Simar.
The Hollywood star by KiwiAndCoffee, marijuana plants & leaves by Benji, and the silly bongs by me.

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